On the nomination of the Prime Minister of Hungary, the President of Hungary has appointed Mr. Csaba Balázs RIGÓ as the President of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) for a six year-period taking effect from 15 April 2020. After taking the oath, the new president accepted the document of appointment in the Hall of Mirrors of the Sándor Palace on 6 April 2020.

‘I am ready to serve in my new position. I will execute the office of the president of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) for the benefit of the Hungarian nation. I will strive to increase the consumer welfare of citizens, protect the fairness of competition and develop the competition culture.’

In order to achieve these aims, Mr. Csaba Balázs RIGÓ considers it essential to speed up the proceedings of the competition authority, innovate its organisation and enhance its social recognition.

As a first step, he intends to take immediate measures to enable the GVH to support the national economy operators to effectively address the negative impacts caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The GVH contemplates to issue guidance to market participants about conduct that is in conformity with Hungarian competition law. Consumer complaints related to the pandemic are to be sent to the GVH at the e-mail address covid19konzultacio@gvh.hu in order to ensure their effective investigation.

Budapest, 7 April 2020

Hungarian Competition Authority


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