The Hungarian Competition Act contains all the substantive provisions of the Hungarian competition law, that is, in addition to antitrust issues, it also covers both unfair competition and competition-related consumer protection provisions; furthermore, it contains rules relating to the enforcement institution (GVH) and relevant relevant procedural law applicable by the GVH and the courts.

The provisions on unfair competition, in Chapter II of the Act, are enforced by the courts. In the case of other infringements (unfair manipulation of consumer choice, cartels and other restrictive agreements, abuse of dominant position), it is the GVH that applies the provisions of the Competition Act in its competition supervision proceedings. Though the GVH is the authority to safeguard the public interest, as from November 2005 the Act provides for the possibility of the enforcement of civil law claims originating from infringements of the provisions in Chapters III to V. The control of concentrations of undertakings belongs to the exclusive competence of the GVH.

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