The tables below contain the enumeration of the resolutions of the Competition Council brought on the substance of the cases.

  • The first table gives an overview by the types of the decisions and information on the fines imposed.

  • The second, detailed table contains specific but homogeneous data on these types of cases, their numbering, a further sub-division within the particular types etc.

In the tables the term "intervention of the GVH" means that as a result of the proceeding of the GVH, the competitive process changed in comparison to what it would have been in the absence of that proceeding. "Intervention" is a collective term the content of which is different depending on the type of the case.

  • Some examples of the intervention:

    • Establishment of the infringement - This type of decision obliges the undertaking to terminate the illegal practice or eliminate the unlawful situation and may impose a fine on it.

    • Termination of the proceeding after a suspension - Under a suspension period, the party must fulfil an obligation imposed on it by a decision of the proceeding competition council to get the proceeding terminated by the council. (For proceedings initiated after 1 November 2005 the institution of suspension was replaced by that of commitment decision within the meaning of Article 75 of the Competition Act in force.)

    • Refusal to grant, or granting a conditional, authorisation - This includes the voluntary acceptance of the objections of the GVH through the withdrawal of the application or the modification of the proposed transaction.. - In these cases due to the intervention of the GVH the plans of the undertakings will not be realised or will be realised in a modified form.

  • However the term "intervention" covers neither the infringements of the administrative rules (e.g. failure of applying for authorisation) nor the procedural resolutions reached as these do not have an impact on the market in the above explained meaning.

Cases in which the resolution decides on more than one aspect are represented in the table in the place of the aspect relating to which the intervention of the GVH is the strongest. If in a case the Competition Council has established the commitment of different types of infringements, the case is represented in each relevant column of the table and in each relevant table. These cases are listed, in the order of their numbering, after the first (surveying) table with the indication of the case-numbers and the investigate