25 June 2022, Budapest – Experts from the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) and the consumer protection authority consulted on consumer complaints, market anomalies in connection with the commercial practices of airlines and on what is necessary to be done.

The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) and the consumer protection authority consulted on commercial communications by airlines. The two authorities are cooperating continuously pursuant to the Act on the Prohibition of Unfair Commercial Practices against Consumers in order to be able to take the most effective action against infringing advertising practices.

The authorities agreed that if in course of its thematic investigations the consumer protection authority finds allegedly infringing communications falling within the competence of the competition authority, the GVH will immediately take the necessary steps to ensure that as few consumers as possible suffer harm because of misleading advertisements.

The GVH has been closely monitoring the advertising practices of airlines for many years, it conducted a number of procedures in this area.

In addition to procedures, the National Competition Authority also provides information materials to help consumers to carefully purchase their air tickets and  to exercise due caution when it comes to travel offers. Furthermore, it also provides practical advice to consumers planning their journey. The GVH considers it very important that consumers start organizing their journeys preparedly, as this way they can more easily avoid misleading information and unpleasant surprises that might occur during the holiday.

The Hungarian Competition Authority is constantly monitoring the market and, if an infringement takes place, it will take the necessary measures.

Press Office of the GVH

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