17 December 2021, Budapest – The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) has launched an investigation against Telemarketing International Kft. and its foreign parent undertaking since they are likely to have advertised their electric weed control device (weed-killer) in a way that mislead consumers.

         The GVH has initiated a proceeding against Telemarketing International Kft. and its Austrian parent undertaking, Mediashop GmbH since the undertakings allegedly advertised their electric weed control device in an unfair manner on national television channels and via direct marketing tools.

         The GVH suspects that the promise made by the undertakings regarding the price advantage of the Hammersmith Bionic Burner electric weed control device was misleading. Furthermore, the advertisements allegedly gave the false impression that the discounted offer was only available for a limited time, thus urging consumers to make an immediate decision in an unfair manner. The undertakings also claimed that the electric weed control device can function as a grill and fireplace lighter as well, allegedly failing to mention that the product packaging does not include the nozzle necessary for this and it can only be ordered separately at additional cost.

         The initiation of the competition supervision proceeding does not mean that the undertaking has in fact committed the infringement. The proceeding is aimed at clarifying the facts and thereby proving the alleged infringement. The time limit for the completion of the proceeding is three months which, where justified, may be extended on two occasions by a maximum of two months each.

The official registration number of the case is: VJ/45/2021.

GVH Press Office

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