8 October 2020, Budapest – The Hungarian Ministry of Justice (IM) and the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) have signed a cooperation agreement. The cooperation will facilitate the professional work of the two organisations to create fair competition in all sectors of the economy.

The Hungarian Competition Authority and the Ministry of Justice agreed on their future professional cooperation on Thursday. The cooperation agreement respects the independent operation of the GVH, which is subordinated to the Parliament, but at the same time provides an excellent framework for the joint work performed by the two parties in order to create the conditions of fair competition on the market and increase its social acceptance.

During this cooperation, one of the most topical issues of the recent period, which is also handled as a priority by the competition authority, will be given special attention: sharing experiences in connection with the digital economy, one of the forums of which will be the Digital Liberty Committee established by the IM.

The cooperation will also cover coordination in connection with the professional work ongoing in international organisations, especially in the framework of the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission.

Since competition law is one of the most important and most coordinated areas of the European Union, as the minister also responsible for European affairs, I think that the agreement entered into today has extraordinary significance for both institutions” – said Judit Varga, Minister of Justice.

„The GVH and the Ministry of Justice are committed to enforcing a fair market competition. The partnership agreement signed just now provides an appropriate framework for the experts of the Competition Authority and the Ministry, giving the best of their knowledge, to contribute to the well being of the Hungarian people through the dissemination of fair market behaviour” – said Csaba Balázs Rigó, President of the Hungarian Competition Authority.

GVH Press Office

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