The new organisational and operational rules of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH), which give the President greater control and increase the responsiveness of the Authority, entered into force today. Balázs Csaba Rigó, the President of the GVH, who took up office in April of this year, set the innovative renewal of the Authority as one of his main goals, an important step of which is the transformation of the organisational structure.

The 2/2020. (VII.14.) GVH Internal Rules on the Organisation and Operation of the Hungarian Competition Authority were published in the Official Gazette of 14 July 2020. According to the new organisational rules, the following changes will take effect on 15 July 2020:

  • a number of departments and connecting functions shall come under the direct control of the President,
  • the transparent operation of the GVH shall be assisted by integrity advisors operating under the direct control of the President,
  • the previously established divisions within the independent organisational units of the GVH shall cease to exist, thereby reducing the number of chief positions,
  • the rules for internal communication within the organisation and related protocol shall become simpler and faster,
  • the procedure for the GVH's external relations and co-operation shall change,
  • the rights of the employer shall be primarily exercised by the President.


Budapest, 15 July 2020

                                                                               The Hungarian Competition Authority


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