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SAP and Synergon had formed a cartel - the Municipal Court of Budapest upheld the decision of 2006 of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH). That time the two firms were fined HUF 14,6 each for the infringement.

On 27 April 2004 the Paks Nuclear Power Plant announced a one-round restricted public procurement procedure for "managing advisory and project management tasks in information technology projects for the realisation of the revision and upgrade of the SAP R/3 modules operating in production environment". According to the decision of the GVH, based on the evidence available mainly in e-mails, it could be established that Synergon and SAP had made an agreement in connection with the tendering that was capable of influencing its outcome. Therefore the GVH imposed a fine of HUF 14,6 on each of the two undertakings in September 2006. The two firms appealed the decision, however the Municipal Court of Budapest dismissed the case in the first instance.

Case number: Vj-97/2006

Budapest, 22 July 2008

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