The Cartel Section under the supervision of the Vice President detects and examines secret hard-core cartels (price fixing and market sharing), which are the most serious restrictions of competition and, on a case-by-case basis, also other restrictive agreements. In the framework of these activities, it:

  • Monitors the functioning of competition and the markets;

  • Decides, based on complaints or informal whether to initiate, either under the Competition Act or under the Community competition rules, ex officio proceedings or initiates, on its own motion, competition supervision proceedings should the suspicion of an infringement of the law arise;

  • Conducts competition supervision proceedings (on Hungarian and/or EC law basis) initiated ex officio or on application and carries out preparatory work, by its investigation reports, to the resolution-making of the Competition Council;

  • Checks by post-investigations the compliance with/fulfilment of the resolutions of the Competition Council.

Moreover, the Cartel Section also takes part in the elaboration of the GVH's opinion on draft measures or legislation concerning the scope of its duties and in other competition advocacy activities of the GVH; furthermore it takes part in the promotion and development of competition culture, too.