The so-called complex surveys are aimed at four identified target groups that are affected by the activities of the GVH. In addition to the general public, the target groups consist of heads of undertakings, lawyers and economic journalists. The surveys include a wide range of questions, from the respondents’ attitudes in relation to economic competition, their awareness of the authority and its activities, through to their opinion of the success of the GVH’s work. In addition, the specific questions posed to the “professional” groups of the complex survey (heads of undertakings, members of the legal society and economic journalists) aim to survey their knowledge of competition law and its application. The experiences of the GVH show that any perceivable change in the state of competition culture evolves and is demonstrable by surveys over a long period of time. Therefore, the GVH does not conduct complex surveys on a yearly basis, but rather from time to time (usually every 2-3 years).

The materials of the complex survey are only available in Hungarian.