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Case number:


Type of case:

Restrictive agreement

Undertaking(s) concerned:

  • MasterCard Europe Sprl
  • OTP Bank Nyrt.

Short description:

In 2013, the GVH found it likely that the contract between OTP and MasterCard would restrict the choice between sale options and would also impede the market entry of competitors.


The GVH accepted the commitments offered by MasterCard and OTP through the implementation of which the undertakings shall bring the stipulations of their agreement in line with the rules of the applicable competition law.

On the basis of the commitments, the GVH imposed an obligation on the parties to terminate in their agreement on incentives and support made for a five-year period, OTP’s undertaking of a card-ratio and MasterCard’s undertaking to provide subsidies which was aimed at facilitating the achievement of the card-ratio contained in the agreement. This termination is to have a retroactive effect to 1 January 2014.


14 May 2015

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