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FarmFaro Kft. and DrogeryMed Kft.

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The investigation followed the same procedure as in the case of Vj-84/2010, thus the GVH scrutinised the retail distribution market and the supply market of medicines. At the end of the market investigation the GVH firstly concluded that with the pharmacies acquired by the transaction the FarmFaro Kft. only possesses a less than 5% market share on the Hungarian wholesale market of medicine distribution. Secondly, the GVH took also into consideration that the market share and the number of the pharmacies possessed by FarmFaro Kft. doubled after the acquisition on the market of retail trade of medicines, but it will remain still under 5%.


The GVH granted FarmFaro Kft. to acquire sole control of DrogeryMed Kft., which is pursuing its activity as a holding company.


20 October 2010

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