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FHB Jelzálogbank Nyrt. (FHB) and Allianz Bank Zrt. (Allianz)

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The undertakings are present both on the Hungarian market of residential and corporate banking services - concerning also credit loans and bank deposits -, but taking into account the market share possessed by the parties (as regards credit loans the market share of FHB is less than 5%, while the market share of Allianz does not reach 1%, as regards of retail deposits, corporate credit accounts and corporate deposit accounts the joint market share of Allianz and FHB is less than 1%) and the significant market share of the competitors, the GVH came to the conclusion that the concentration would obviously not result in harmful horizontal effects on the markets concerned.


With its decision concluded on 14 September 2010 the GVH granted authorisation to FHB Jelzálogbank Nyrt. (FHB) for acquiring 100 % of the shares - and therefore sole control - of Allianz Bank Zrt. (Allianz).


Budapest, 14 September 2010

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