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Case number:

Vj-109/2009 and Vj-100/2009

Type of case:

Mergers and acquisitions

Undertaking(s) concerned:

CSIM Pte. Ltd., Foring Kft., Tendre Kft., Forrás Nyrt., Bonitás 2002 Kft., Arago Zrt, Dr. ELF Kft.

Short description:

In July 2009 CSIM Pte. Ltd. and Forrás Nyrt. entered into an agreement according to which CSIM would acquire the remaining 50% of the shares of Tendre Feed Industry Ltd.
Tendre was also interested in another concentration, which had taken place before the above-mentioned transaction. On 16 May 2008 Tendre entered into a sale and purchase agreement with a freight transportation company, Foring Kft. in order to purchase 100% of shares of the latter.


The Hungarian Competition Authority granted authorisation for CSIM Pte. to wholly acquire the animal feed producer Tendre.
Tendre was also interested in another concentration. However, in this latter case Tendre failed to notify the transaction, hereby the GVH has imposed a fine of HUF 5 million on the undertaking.


22 December 2009 and 24 November 2009 respectively

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