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Vodafone Magyarország Rt., unfair manipulation of consumer choice

Type of case:

Deception of consumers


The advertisements of Vodafone on the radio, when stating that calls made abroad only cost the tariff payable in Hungary, omitted to state an important piece of information concerning the consumers' obligation to pay an interlocking fee. Furthermore, Vodafone wrote the tariffs on its big posters and on smaller advertisements in such a way, that it was difficult to observ, contrary to the other posters of Vodafone, where the tariffs are conspicuous.


The Competition Council established that the described behaviour was a deception of consumers, which infringed the competition. The Competition Council imposed a fine of HUF 2 million (approx. EUR 7,600) on Vodafone for its unlawful behaviour. It was not the first time that the Competition Authority imposed a fine on Vodafone due to its violation of competition law, which fact was taken into consideration in setting the fines. A mitigating factor was that the new tariff is more perspicuous and cheaper than the previous ones.


Budapest, 30 March 2006