The Hungarian Competition Authority (Gazdasági Versenyhivatal, hereinafter GVH) has authorised the acquisition of control by dr. Nyerges Zsolt over the business interests wholly-owned and jointly owned by dr. Simicska Lajos and his family.

The undertakings controlled by dr. Nyerges Zsolt are engaged in the provision of agricultural and information technology services; furthermore, two undertakings which deal with sporting activities also belong to this group of undertakings. The interests wholly-owned and jointly owned by dr. Simicska Lajos and his family are present on the markets of agriculture, construction, media as well as public advertising.

As regards to the activities carried out by the groups of undertakings, the GVH only identified overlapping in relation to agriculture. However, after investigating the agricultural activities undertaken the GVH did not identify any competition concerns, as according to the relevant notice of the GVH the combined market shares of the groups of undertakings does not reach the level which would raise the possibility of adverse competition effects.

Taking advantage of the possibility provided for by the Hungarian Competition Act, the parties initiated a so called pre-notification contact with the GVH before submitting the notification. The application form submitted after the pre-notification contact fulfilled the applicable legal requirements and the possibility of adverse competition effects was also ruled out. Consequently, no circumstances were identified which would necessitate the initation of a competition supervision procedure, and the GVH therefore issued an official certificate to the notifier.

Number of the case: B/553/2018.

Budapest, 24 July 2018.

Hungarian Competition Authority

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