Budapest, 15 August 2022 - The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) has found that Vodafone falsely advertised some of its mobile internet add-on packages as unlimited. The company admitted to the infringement and will compensate the affected customers with extra data allowance, thereby reducing the imposed fine to HUF 60 million.

The investigation carried out by the Hungarian Competition Authority found that Vodafone Magyarország Zrt. (Vodafone) had misleadingly promoted its additional packages to be chosen alongside mobile internet packages promising unlimited use of certain social media applications (e.g. "unlimited social networking"). Contrary to the advertised claims, the packages turned out not to be unlimited, as the use of certain features (e.g. viewing embedded media content) reduced the data allowance of customers.

         During the procedure Vodafone demonstrated willingness to cooperate with the Hungarian Competition Authority by admitting to the infringement, waiving its right to legal remedy and agreeing to make reparation to consumers due to unfair practice. As part of its commitment, Vodafone will provide extra 3 GB data allowance to all current Vodafone Pass customers (i.e. all subscribers with a Vodafone Pass tariff package or additional Pass service at the time of fulfilment). Vodafone will duly notify the relevant customers by SMS.

         Taking into account the cooperation demonstrated by the company as well as consumer compensation, the GVH’s Competition Council imposed a fine of HUF 60 million on the company with a ban on the practice found unlawful. The GVH will monitor the implementation of Vodafone’s consumer redress in detail upon expiry of the applicable deadline.

Case reference number: VJ/1/2021

GVH Press Office

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