From 25 October 2017 the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) - due to opening a Virtual Data Room – will be providing electronic access to files.

In the course of its competition supervision proceedings the GVH handles and stores a significant amount of documents. The representatives of the undertakings concerned – according to the rules of the Competition Act – are entitled to access the files that have been generated in the course of their official cases; they may make copies, or for a fee may have copies or certified copies made, all of which may then be used in the cases in question. The amount of documents accumulated in relation to one case can reach several thousand in pages, with the result that access to the file by attending in person and the making of copies is a lengthy and costly process for both the GVH and clients.

Through the opening of the Virtual data Room the processes related to access to the file and the claiming and providing of copies will be simpler and faster. In addition to electronic access to files, the GVH will also provide the possibility of traditional access to the file by attendance in person.

The Virtual Data Room will provide an online access opportunity and interface for those clients that have been approved as access-entitled users in relation to individual cases of the GVH or to the persons authorised by the clients (for example legal representatives or counsel). The login users will be identified through the system of the Client Site (Ügyfélkapu).

The persons mentioned above in connection with the respective documents will be entitled

  • to view and download a copy with a watermark and to print the documents generated in their cases and the connecting files;
  • to search in the individual documents and in the files;
  • to subscribe to the e-mail alerts related to the process of access to the file;
  • to view the various system messages;
  • to order a simple copy or a certified copy of particular documents and files;
  • to schedule an appointment for access to the file, in the event that due a technical reason (for example a file size that is too big or an improper file format) a document is inaccessible and
  • to mark the documents with markers only visible by the client group.

The GVH is convinced that the introduction of the new Virtual Data Room system will further strengthen the client friendly nature of the GVH’s activities.

More information about the functioning of the Virtual Data Room can be found in the Tutorial Manual and in the User Manual. The Tutorial Manual and the User Manual are available only in Hungarian.

Budapest, 25. October 2017.

Hungarian Competition Authority


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