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European Competition Law Judges seminar

The OECD-GVH Regional Centre for Competition in Budapest (Hungary) (RCC), established by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and Gazdasági Versenyhivatal (GVH - Hungarian Competition Authority), organised on the 4th and 5th of February 2011 an international seminar for European competition law judges.

The main objective of the RCC is to foster the development of competition policy, competition law, competition culture, and the work of the competition authorities, in order to contribute to economic growth and prosperity. The RCC achieves these aims by organising regular meetings. The main topics of these meetings are examined through workshops, seminars and training programmes.

One of the main target groups of the RCC are the competition law judges from the Member States of the EU. The seminar that is offered to judges provides an excellent opportunity for them to improve their understanding of competition law and economics, exchange views on the latest developments in EU competition law, and last but not at least, to discuss key challenges arising in competition law cases from a judicial perspective.

-The Quantification of Damages in Competition Cases- seminar examined the possible quantification of damages in cartel and abuse of dominance cases through the competition law litigation before national courts.

All national court judges and prosecutors in EU member countries and applicant countries were invited to the two day-long seminar, which was organised by the RCC for the 9th time. The participants of the seminar came from 13 different countries.

The seminar focused especially on the following: how to calculate damages through economic methods, what to expect from economic experts in trials, and how to consider economic and legal aspects in cartel and abuse of dominance cases. Moreover, they were encouraged to engage in practical discussions about the possible ways to establish the relevance and credibility of evidence on damages.

The seminar provided participants not only with an opportunity to take part in several presentations, but they were also encouraged to get involved in practical sessions, where they could exchange views and discuss their opinions on hypothetical cases.

By organising such seminars the RCC aims to strengthen the uniform application of European competition law in EU Member States and national courts.

Budapest, the 9 th of February 2011

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