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The GVH carried out an unannounced inspection in the premises of eight taxi (traffic and services) undertakings.

The GVH initiated a competition supervision proceeding against the undertakings 6X6 Taxi Közlekedési és Szolgáltató Kft., Budapest Taxi Személyszállító és Szolgáltató Kft., Buda Fuvarozó Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft., City Taxi Fuvarszervező Szövetkezet, Főtaxi Autóközlekedési és Szolgáltató Zrt., Taxi-2000 Szállítási és Szolgáltató Kft., Voláncom Közlekedési és Kommunikációs Kft. and Taxi Fuvarszervező Társaságok Szövetsége and against the interest representation association established by them. Based on the data available there are good reasons to suspect that the undertakings negotiated between themselves and preliminary agreed about the identity of the prospective winner in the public procurement procedures relating to taxi transport, announced in 2006-2008 in Budapest and in the surrounding area. The GVH assumes that the concerted practice was carried out secretly in the background of the activity of the association. The agreements reached are likely to cover the selection of the prospective winner (taken into account the interest of the competitor already having a contract), the determination of the tender prices and the efforts to keep away certain competitors from the tendering.

The GVH is empowered by the Competition Act to inspect premises without any preliminary notification. Pursuant to the provisions of the Competition Act the inspection of premises is subject to the attainment in advance of a judicial authorisation.

The initiation of the competition supervision proceeding does not mean that the undertakings in question actually committed the infringement. The proceeding targets the clarification of the facts and thus to prove that the infringement assumed has been committed. According to the Act these proceedings must be closed within 180 days, however this time limit can be extended two times by further 180 days, depending on the complexity of the case.

Case number: Vj-29/2008.

Budapest, 28 February 2008

Hungarian Competition Authority
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