In competition supervision proceedings the Competition Council, which acts like a separated forum inside the Authority, brings the decisions of the GVH on the merits of the case and the decisions ordering the enforcement, then - in case of a remedy - its represents them before the court by a legal counsel. The Competition Council brings decision on the legal remedy application against the interim measures of the investigators in the course of their competition supervision proceedings too.

The members of the Competition Council are appointed and exempted by the President of the Republic for six years upon the suggest of the President of the GVH. After the termination of the 6 years the Member of the Council may be re-appointed one time.

The Chairman of the Competition Council organises and conducts the work of the competition Council. A three-member (exceptionally five-member) panel designated by its Chairman makes the decision in the particular cases. The members of the Council are subject only to the law at reaching their decisions in competition supervision proceedings and no instructions may be given to them. The Members of the Competition Council take part in the competition advocacy and competition culture development activity of the GVH beside their competition supervision tasks.