Based on the reports received by the Hungarian Competition Authority, we recommend that you take into account the factors listed below.

What you should look out for, if

  • the sale of your time-share rights is promised: you should be aware that consumer experience shows that it is very difficult to sell existing time-share rights. If the sale of your time-share rights is offered by an undertaking, you should carefully review what is included in the personal service contract or sale contract, in particular the contractual obligations of the undertaking; if something is not completely clear, you should not sign the contract before seeking the advice of your legal representative or before inquiring about any ambiguities yourself. Furthermore, you should pay attention to the purpose of the remuneration claimed by the agent for any title prior to the sale.
  • the windows, doors or heating system are going to be modernised: it may not be the employees of a public utility company but a private contractor who wants to enter into a contract with you to sell a product or service. You should always read the submitted documents carefully.
  • you use an online service advertised for free: you should only provide your personal data, telephone number, and name if you agree to your information being processed in accordance with the data management policy of the service provider, and if you are sure that you are not entering into a long-term, costly subscription.
  • you register on a website to download a free ringtone, logo, wallpaper or to participate in a sweepstake: before accepting an offer, you should carefully read the terms and conditions, and in case you do not understand something, either because it is complicated or because it is in a foreign language, you should seek further clarification in order to avoid entering into unwanted subscriptions.
  • you participate in a phone game where a contestant wins by solving a seemingly simple puzzle: you should take into account what you have heard and read in the media and on the game’s website about the chances and ways in which you can successfully participate in the game, and the cost of phone calls; furthermore, you should consider whether you are likely to be the only individual who wishes to participate in the game.
  • you receive an unsolicited invoice: before settling an invoice, you should check whether the service has actually been provided or, for example, in the case of a subscription, whether you have requested the service in question. You should only settle the invoices of services that you have ordered or intend to order.
  • you register on a dating website or application: you should thoroughly review the general terms and conditions, and if the registration itself is free, what services are associated with the free subscription, when a payment obligation will arise, and within what period and how you can terminate the contract if you no longer wish to use the service.