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Kapcsolódó anyagok

Competition supervision proceeding initiated in relation to the TV show “Ékszer”
Results and new directions in consumer protection – the digital strategy of the GVH has been published
Substantial reduction of fine thanks to cooperation of the parties
Competition Proceeding against Google is closed with Commitment Decision
The fines imposed as a result of a cartel related to prepayment have been substantially reduced
Authorised acquisition of control by dr. Nyerges Zsolt over the business interests of dr. Simicska Lajos
Competition supervision proceeding initiated against the online dating site be2
The GVH strongly intervenes on behalf of protected witnesses
Reduction of fine of more than 60 % was granted to an SME as a result of its compliance actions and cooperative efforts
The competition supervision procedure against Airbnb has been closed with the acceptance of commitments
The GVH terminated its cartel proceeding on the market of household paper products
The GVH has once again imposed fines as a result conduct aimed at misleading timeshare owners
Green light authorisation for the concentration of DIGI and Invitel approved by the GVH with an intervention concerning 41 municipalities and with a trustee assigned
Netpincér undertook to modify its contracts signed with restaurants
Apple was fined for withholding significant information
The case of OTP is closed by the acceptance of commitments - consumers will be reimbursed almost 20 million HUF by the financial institution
The Hungarian Competition Authority screened GTCs of online dating services
The key to successful and more efficient competition law enforcement is the close collaboration of the V4+ countries’ Competition Authorities
The GVH held unannounced inspections at the premises of Telekom and Telenor
According to the GVH’s new Notices on Fines significant advantages can be gained from cooperating with the authority
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