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Case number:

Vj-91/2008, Vj-93/2008, Vj-94/2008

Type of case:

Abuse of dominant position

Undertaking(s) concerned:

Provera Beszerzési Kft and its partners (the Hungarian Hipermarket running Cora hypermarkets, Csemege-Match Kereskedelmi Zrt., Profi Magyarország Kereskedelmi Zrt.), Auchan Magyarország Kft. and Metro Kereskedelmi Kft.

Short description:

Last July the GVH launched a proceeding against Provera Beszerzési Kft and its partners. Subsequently proceedings were initiated against Auchan Magyarország Kft. and Metro Kereskedelmi Kft. as well with the aim to review their contractual practises. The GVH examined in all three cases whether the undertakings had infringed the Act on Trade, in other words whether they had abused their market power in the course of entering into the supplier contracts applied by them.


After the investigation had been launched by the GVH, all the undertakings concerned offered commitments to modify and bring their supplier contracts in compliance with the Competition Act and the Act on Trade.


15, 15 and 12 December 2008 respectively

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