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Datasoft-Média claiming the validity of its CD delivery notes

On 18 October 2006, the Hungarian Competition Authority initiated a competition supervision proceeding on the basis of an informal complaint against supposed manipulation of consumer choice by Datasoft-Média Kft. (Datasoft-Média Ltd.).

Datasoft-Média requested some undertakings, which it alleged were its customers, to take delivery of CDs. Datasoft-Média referred to contracts which existed in the form of delivery notes and which it claimed were valid. It charged those undertakings, considerable amounts of money for the placing of their orders and the delivery of the CDs.

Datasoft-Média tried to prevent the GVH from uncovering the real situation during the proceeding. It seems that even if the proceeding continued it would not end successfully. Nevertheless, the GHV would like to inform consumers about this economic activity of the undertaking concerned which may be supposed to deceive them.

Budapest, 10 January 2007

Hungarian Competition Authority
Communication Unit

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