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International conference for European judges dealing with competition law

The OECD-Hungary Regional Centre for Competition jointly established by the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) organises an international conference for European judges engaged in competition law on 12-13 February 2010.

The two-day programme provides an opportunity specifically for judges who would like to get familiarised with the less-known provisions of EC competition law, and moreover, they will be able to debate about their related experiences. The conference mostly aims at informing the judges about the most applicable EU laws in connection with state aid, some related proceedings and the judgments made by the European courts. The topic of private enforcement in the field of state aid will be given special attention at the conference. The judges will not only be listeners, but also active players of the conversations and debates, and they will be involved in a test trial in order to get familiarised with the most frequent legal concerns of the prospect cases. They will of course be given the opportunity to make direct personal relations with judges from other countries and to exchange experiences with their colleagues.

Coming from various institutions of various countries, the speakers are practical and theoretical experts of competition law.

Budapest, 5 February 2010

Hungarian Competition Authority
Communication Unit

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