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Further co-operation with the Energy Office

On 12 November a professional discussion was held between the colleagues of the Hungarian Competition Authority and the Hungarian Energy Office (MEH). Both of them appraised positively the experiences gained from the co-operation agreement mutually signed by the two authorities. Matos Zoltán as president of the MEH and Nagy Zoltán as president of the GVH accordingly signed the renewal of the cooperation agreement (that had earlier been concluded).

Act LXXXVI of 2007 on Electricity sets an obligation for cooperation between the MEH and the GVH. Thereby the two authorities have mutually been working on strengthening competition and improving the effectiveness of regulations on the market of energy. As a result the MEH and the GVH concluded a cooperation agreement in the summer of 2006. Within the framework of the agreement, in case of proceedings pursued by both authorities, the MEH - when competition is concerned - asks for the opinion of the GVH and provides the GVH with data for supporting the competition authority in establishing its standpoint. The GVH also involves the MEH in its competition supervision proceedings, sector inquiries concerning the energy sector. Besides all these, the two authorities cooperate in supervising the market and preparing legal statutes, and even in activities in the field of international exchanges and consumer protection.

The two parties personally assessed the experiences of the cooperation on 12 November 2009. In the course of the professional appointment it turned out that both parties have had positive experiences during the last few years. Thereby - in compliance with law regulations - the MEH and the GVH renewed the cooperation. The document was signed by dr. Zoltán Matos and dr. Zoltán Nagy presidents of the MEH and the GVH, respectively. They are hoping that the close cooperation will increase the effectiveness of the execution of their roles determined by law and the enforceability of their actions.

According to the agreement, both authorities publish all the details of the cooperation on their webpages.

Budapest, 16 November 2009

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