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Hungary is represented by the Hungarian Competition Authority (Gazdasági Versenyhivatal, hereinafter: GVH) in the Competition Committee of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation (hereinafter: OECD) and its two working parties (Working Party No. 2 on Competition and Regulation - WP2, and Working Party No. 3 on Co-operation and Enforcement - WP3) - which brings together the activities of the competition authorities of the Member countries. The OECD holds roundtables and hearings to discuss current competition policy issues. These roundtables and hearings are assisted by written contributions prepared by the competition authorities of the Member countries on their respective national experience. In the case of issues of major importance, the OECD prepares recommendations and best practices, and reports on their application. Member countries participating in the work of the Competition Committee, besides exchanging experience, also report on their activity of the previous year. Additionally, from time to time, the OECD undertakes a detailed assessment of the competition law system and the legislative environment of certain countries in the form of peer reviews and competition assessments.

The complete roundtable materials and other related documents of the Competition Committee can be downloaded from the webpage of the Competition Division of the OECD.

The materials and the above mentioned reports prepared by the GVH for these events can be found in the menu GVH/Analyses/OECD submissions.