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Press releases 2016

22/12/2016Reduced administrative service fees, more effective merger control, increased possibilities for reduction of fines – new regulations of the Hungarian Competition Act enter into force
14/12/2016The Curia of Hungary confirmed the cartel of Banks
09/12/2016The case of copyright collection societies has been settled with the acceptance of commitments that grant consumers the possibility to reclaim the blank carrier media remuneration
24/10/2016The President of the Republic appointed the leadership of the GVH
29/09/2016The GVH impels small and medium sized enterprises towards law-abiding behaviour by issuing warnings for the first time
20/09/2016GVH: faster and more efficient merger control, Cartel Chat for the fight against cartels
05/08/2016The GVH imposed fines for coordination of bids in tenders of hospitals
03/08/2016The GVH authorised the buyout of Pannon Lapok
02/08/2016Pick’s pricing practice is unlawful – The GVH has imposed a fine due to the fixing and setting of and minimum prices during temporary sales (promotions)
27/07/2016The GVH imposed a fine due to price-fixing, market allocation and information exchange on the market of waste management – first successful settlement
15/07/2016The GVH terminated the competition supervision procedure against M-RTL
28/06/2016Significant reduction in drop-off and parking fees - Budapest Airport offered commitments
14/06/2016Current issues of competition law – joint conference of the GVH and the Hungarian Competition Law Association
08/06/2016The GVH continues to monitor the hotel booking market after closing its sectoral inquiry
09/05/2016Fine imposed by the GVH concerning public procurements
12/04/2016The GVH has initiated a proceeding for a suspected cartel
10/03/2016Hungarian success in the ICN-WBG Competition Advocacy contest
01/02/2016MasterCard abused its dominant position
12/01/2016The GVH has imposed a fine of more than HUF 4 billion (EUR 13 million) for information cartel
08/01/2016Cooperation agreement made between GVH and NKH
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