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Press releases 2015

15/12/2015Some elements of Ryanair’s ticket sales system violate competition law
03/12/2015The GVH authorised the acquisition of control of BÉT by MNB
01/12/2015The GVH accepted the commitments offered by Nielsen
25/11/2015Fine reduction via leniency policy
25/11/2015Leniency policy to detect cartels
12/11/2015A quarter of a century supporting fair competition – GVH Jubilee Conference
02/11/2015GVH has published the rules on 10% fine reduction
29/10/2015The GVH imposed fines for sharing the market for mosquito control
27/10/2015Minimum prices set out in ethic codes and in general terms and conditions have to be cancelled
19/10/2015Think Through Calmly – the GVH has launched a campaign to develop the awareness of consumers
15/09/2015The GVH imposed fines for pharma cartel
09/09/2015The GVH stepped up against the restriction of the online distribution of contact lenses and care products
05/08/2015A procedural fine of HUF 20 million for Cemex
30/07/2015The GVH intervened in the structure of the Hungarian beer market
23/07/2015GVH’s experiences regarding timeshare agreements
13/07/2015Tettye Zrt. abused its dominant position
09/07/2015A quarter of a century supporting fair competition in the interest of consumers – the GVH is 25 years old
25/06/2015A procedural fine of 5 million HUF imposed on Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank SA
17/06/2015The GVH used an improved methodology to quantify the benefits of its activities
09/06/2015The Parliament passed an amendment of the Competition Act
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